第三名:「觸動心靈介面Touching your heart interface」樹德科大資工系 顏光佑、張韶哲同學

佳作獎:「杏林之窗Kyorin the window」樹德科大資工系 方誠佑、洪璿傑、魏佳炫同學


2012 Orbit 大專行銷企畫大賽

NTD2,000,000 marketing budget at your command, and NTD150,000 cash prize for winners!

Whether you are a bachelor or
master student, prefer to work as
a maverick or as a team,
here is the coolest project
in this coming winter vacation!
Submit your marketing proposal
with your creativity
before February 2012.
1st prize: NTD 100,000
2nd prize: NTD 50,000

One more thing—

You can be sure that this is not the approach for us to get your ideas and creativity for free.

If, unfortunately, your idea is not chosen, then no part of your proposal would be applied in our marketing campaign. You, by all means, have full copyright to your brainchild. You can throw it away, make it your term report, or post it on your blog or Facebook and tell the world that you should be the winner.

For more details, visit RulingOrbit on Facebook

Here's the theme—

There are more than 1,000 university departments using RulingDigital's CMS product to build their websites, which allow teachers to manage their publications or research information, and make them published, public, and seen on the website. We are now planning to replace the system by our new product, RulingOrbit.

RulingObit is a new CMS system concept which provides cross-site functionalities, such as: webmaster can purchase and download new functions or templates from our WebAppStore, students or teachers can use our 3rd party application, and the most important is that students preparing for projects or reports can find others working on the same kind from other schools, make friends with them, and share ideas with them.

Our goal is to make as many as possible students and teachers use the system in both Taiwan and China. Please submit your proposal in any format stating how you can reach this goal.